Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent

by Moni Shah 12/07/2020

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When it comes to selling a home, there's usually at least a little temptation for people to bypass the commission and do the work themselves. But the truth is that an agent does a lot of the behind-the-scenes work that few people have the time or patience to do. Plus, they take responsibility for the details, so the seller can concentrate on the logistics of moving. Here are a few reasons to take the plunge and hire a pro. 

It's Faster 

Homes sold by a real estate agent typically sell faster simply because the agent already has experience with setting a price, identifying a target audience, and strategizing the marketing campaign. The prep work for selling a home is so much more than just researching the recent sale prices in your area. Even if you're in a particularly popular area, a real estate agent can attract more buyers and better offers. Like any product for sale, there's an art to inspiring a buyer to connect with more than the plumbing or the woodwork. 

It's Safer 

Most buyers don't want to deal with the hassle of a for sale by owner, and their real estate agents will back them up. Sellers have a lot of liability when it comes to the transfer of their property, and they're required to follow all local and state laws during the process. If anything goes wrong, it's the real estate agent who takes charge and clears the roadblocks. Even the most conscientious of sellers can make a mistake on the paperwork, turning an easy escrow into a messy ordeal. 

It's Simpler 

Moving is already a stressful experience, one that demands a lot of time and attention. The paperwork alone during a home sale can be exhausting to complete — and that's with a qualified agent helping at every stage of the way. Long gone are the days when a few simple documents would suffice for a home sale. If you're selling in a particularly complicated state like California, having a real estate agent can make a huge difference. 

There are some success stories when it comes to selling a home on your own, but the potential disadvantages usually outweigh the perceived rewards. Agents know what to look for in a purchase offer, how to spot the red flags from lenders, and why a home will be worth more if it's marketed to retirees rather than established professionals. This kind of specialized knowledge doesn't come easy though —  it's honed from years of studying the market and learning the quirks of each block in a neighborhood. 

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Moni Shah

Moni has been in the field of Real Estate since 2001. She started with Property Management and went into Real Estate sales 2 years later. Moni specializes in listing residential real estate and helping buyers find their ideal home in the Bay Area. When representing sellers, her expertise lies in helping sellers prepare their property for the market, determining an optimal list price and formulating a custom listing plan to maximize exposure to qualified buyers.